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Barcelona is full of surprises with a variety of adventurous & action-packed activities. Thousands of tourists that visit the city every year can find themself stretching their wings while exploring those activities. Some of these could be categorized as under:

Action Activities:

A variety of action-filled activities are available in plenty in the city of Barcelona that take hold of your attention.

Catalunya is full of adventures like Parachuting, Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting, Outdoor Mini Olympics, Paintballing, Snow Paintball, Bridge Jumping, etc.

Airborne Activities

High flying activities offered at the city encompass ultralight flying, Motorless flight, Paramotor, Paragliding, Segway & Helicopter Tour.

These actions give you a picturesque view of the eye-catching sites of Barcelona city where you can truly stretch your wings by tasting new wind.

Driving Activities

The exciting driving activities such as formula motoring, 4x4 driving, quad biking, mini go-karting gran Prix keep your adrenaline flow stimulated.

Beach Activities

Barcelona has four beaches in & around that offer a lot of fun-filled tricks for families. Barceloneta beach, Icaria Beach, Marbella beach & Sitges beach are some of the clean and well-maintained beaches.

These beaches do offer a variety of activities like Windsurfing & Kite surfing that are accessible at a distance of 10 mins from the city center. These sandy golden beaches are in fact a good place for sunbath and swimming.

Food & Drink Activities

A kind of erudition is attainable in the scenic European climate of Barcelona where food & drink activities like Wine tasting, Winemaking to Classic Pella cooking confer an insight to an al together new sphere of enjoyment.

This is in fact a wonderful experience that offers you a chance to discover how exactly things are done in some of the best vineyards of the city.

Group Activities

Dancing, Treasure hunt, Forest adventure, Bike Tour, etc. are some of the group activities collectively enjoyed? You can make your journey truly memorable if you happen to visit the city of Barcelona with a group of peers or relatives.

Water activities

Water activities that are one of the best forms of relaxation are mostly preferred by tourists over other leisure activities. It includes Kayaking on the coast, Boat Racing, Sailing, White Water Rafting & Jet Skiing.

Sports Activities

Various sports are held in Barcelona as per season-to-season which is the passion & obsession of the locals. Here, the tourists can also become a part of the activities, if they happen to visit the city of Barcelona during the commencement of such events.

American football, Bowling, Bullfighting & Cycling, etc. are some of the sports where children, adults & senior citizens too can actively participate to get a feel of the lively atmosphere therein.