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Barcelona, a city in motion, is a heady mix of Gothic monuments and contemporary skyscrapers. Like many other Mediterranean cities, it is festive as a result of which people visit it to celebrate and seek the blessing of good spirits.

Anyhow, take a few precautions always and do keep some things in mind that will obviously help you on your first-ever trip to the beautiful tourist city of Barcelona.

  1. Your contribution will be appreciated in case you give tips to the waiters for the services rendered by them.
  2. Local transport like Taxi, Fono Taxi and Trixis which is the best and the cheapest mode of public transport is easily available and in plenty for few Euros. Taxi Amic, a special taxi service for specially challenged people is also available that needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Bus & tram runs every few minutes and pass through many routes. Long-distance bus services are also accessible in Barcelona that caters to the needs of the distant journeys that you plan on your visit to the city of Barcelona.
  4. Like any other tourist destination, one must be conscious of pickpockets and fake undercover policemen.
  5. Buy a transport pass that covers all your transportation needs before you arrive in Barcelona e.g. the Barcelona Card.
  6. Taking out a travel insurance policy is always a safe measure.
  7. Following the dress code of the Catalans certainly help as you look a savoir-faire tourist and also much less likely to stand out from the crowd. Though there are no hard and fast rules for wearing any particular kind of costume as such.
  8. The official languages in Catalonia are Catalan and Castellano (Spanish), and as a result, very few people have a decent level of English. Thus, it is advisable to be polite and to wear a fresh smile each time you need any sort of assistance from the locals

Some useful words that might help you on your visit to the city of Barcelona:

English / Catalan / Spanish

  1. Hello / Hola / Hola
  2. Good morning / Bon dia / Buenos días
  3. Good afternoon / Bona tarda / Buenas tardes
  4. Good evening / Bona nit / Buenas noches
  5. Thank you / Gràcies / Gracias
  6. Please / Sisplau / Por favor
  7. Excuse me / Perdoni / Perdone
  8. I'm sorry / Em sap greu / Lo siento
  9. Goodbye / Adéu / Adios
  10. See you later / Fins després / Hasta luego
  11. Hi, I don’t speak Catalan / Spanish, do you speak English? Hola, no parlo Català / Castellà, vosté parla Anglés? Hola, no hablo Catalán / Castellano, usted habla Inglés?