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La Merce Festival

La Merce Festival in Barcelona’s colorful and vibrant festival which is normally held towards the end of September. It is a celebration of the city’s patron saint "Mare de Deu de la Mercé" that indicates the end of summer and the onset of the autumn months.

The festival is a really big celebration for the people of Barcelona where massive events pop up all over the city. Around 3000 artists and performers display over 500 activities which is a fantastic blend of tradition and innovation.

Some of the highlights like the human towers or "Castells" are a real must-see, as they’re an unbelievable display of teamwork, liveliness, and a sense of balance.

The celebration of the fire i.e. the ‘Correfoc’ (the Fire Run), where costumed fire-breathing devils rampage around the streets in a colorful pyrotechnic display is an amazing thing to witness especially for Kids love this sort of thing.

Besides this, the "Dragons and Giants" procession which starts in the Plaza Real next to Las Ramblas is another hot favorite of the tiny-tots.

Food and wine shows, hot air balloon flights, kite displays, fireworks displays, and other aerial exhibitions taking place throughout the festival on the city’s beaches are other highlights of the festival.

Corpus Christi - L'ou com Balla

Corpus Christi - L'ou com Balla is also known as the "dancing egg" festival and dates from the 16th century. It is celebrated around the cathedral area in the center of the city with parades of giants and 'Cabezudos' i.e. big-headed carnival figures. During this festival, an empty eggshell is balanced above a stream of water from one of the city's many fountains. Those fountains are decorated with fragrant flowers in rich reds and pretty pinks.


Barcelona's Carnival takes place in the first half of the year. It is a huge event filled with parties, parades, street festivals. During this period, the city gets filled with a vibrant atmosphere.

Grec Arts Festival

This is a biggest dance, theater and music festival of Catalonia, Spain.

It offers a series of theater, music, literature, dance, and flamenco. The festival provides a stage for some of the best Spanish acts and gathering place for performers from all over the world.

Every year, this event takes place from the end of June to the start of August at various venues across the city.

The streets of the city also get filled with wandering artists, performing music, plays and monologues to the public.

SONAR Festival

SONAR, the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia is one of the most famous festivals of the city. This event offers the stage for contemporary art, technology and music with a programme of live acts and top DJs.

It provide the perfect platform for the music industry professionals to meet and party. The festival contains concerts, audio-visual screenings, exhibitions and conferences which include SonarVillage, SonarLab, SonarComplex and Sonarama.

Everything is offered from electro, hip-hop, electronic pop, post rock, digital world too experimental jazz music.

European Balloon Festival at Igualada

Every year, thousands of spectators come to the Catalonian town of Igualada, situated about 31 miles from Barcelona to watch the European Balloon Festival. You can see the sky filled with wonderful colourful hot air balloons.

It is the biggest balloon festival in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. During this period, the area gets converted into a festive place with stalls of various things of fun and entertainment.