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Barcelona, the second most populated city in Spain, is located on the Mediterranean coast between the rivers Llobregat & Besos. People across the globe plan a nice trip during a vacation to this sophisticated place to enjoy beautiful holidays. They can spend some quality time over numerous fun-filled activities, sight-seeing & can shop for some of the most world-famous brands.

The city's moderate Mediterranean climate, where the winters are mild & dry and the summers are warm & humid, is mainly preferred by visitors to visit this enchanting place with great architectural masterpieces. Though snowfall is not a common phenomenon in Barcelona, January & February are the coldest while July & August are the hottest.

Besides being a traveller's paradise, Barcelona city has many museums that give an insight into its varied historical past and heritage attributes. Lots of exhibitions & festivals like carnivals are held every year to popularise the idea of preserving the city's rich culture for fun & also to attract tourism to the city.

To name a few, festivals dedicated to the patron Saint of the neighbourhood, festivities of Santa Eulalia, Saint Jordi, Saint Joan & the Christmas cavalcade of the Reis are some of the major crowd pullers.

CityBarcelona (Catalan)
Area101.4 km² (39.2 sq.mi.)
Population1,620,343 (year 2018)
Population Density16,000.0/km² (41,000/ sq.mi.)
Time ZoneGMT+01:00
Area Code+34 (Spain) 93 (Barcelona)
Official languageSpanish (Official) & Catalan